A huge black hole is zipping 'naked' through the universe, and it's not phased one bit by it - Dark hole nude

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In general relativity, a naked singularity is a hypothetical gravitational singularity without an event horizon. In a black hole, the singularity is completely enclosed. Millions of years ago, B3 + was just an ordinary supermassive black hole.​ It had a comfortable life, of devouring stars and belching deadly x-rays, at the center of its distant galaxy.​ Now, starless and alone, it’s screaming through space at 2, kilometers per second.

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By Togami - 13:47
It's never a good day when you find yourself naked and alone, streaking through an unfamiliar neighbourhood. But that's the reality for a black.
By Kazralrajas - 03:56
Astronomers have spotted a nearly naked black hole fleeing the scene of an close encounter, a galaxy collision that will result in a merger in.
By Kajiramar - 23:20
New submitter PongoX11 writes: Millions of years ago, B3 + was just an ordinary supermassive black hole. It had a comfortable life.
By Zologrel - 15:07
Contrary to a bet Stephen Hawking once made, the singularity at the heart of a black hole could exist "naked" – at least in a five-dimensional.

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